Golden Hour on the Trail

The Golden Hour

Friday Morning Commute: Multi-Modal

Brompton at Train Station

Betty Foy

Rivendell Betty Foy

Monday Morning Commute: Full Moon Setting

Full Moon Setting

Tuesday Morning Commute: Seasonal

Tuesday Morning Commute

We’re fortunate enough to be having seasonal weather this week, but our hearts go out to the people all across the country who are suffering under the heat wave. Stay hydrated and take it easy out there!

Thursday Morning Commute: Peaceful

Thursday Morning Commute

Looking at Bikes

Betty Blue Skies
Betty Blue Skies

We like looking at bikes, particularly those that are used for transportation. We suspect most of our readers enjoy it too. One of our favorite places to peruse photos of bikes is right here in our Bicycle Gallery, a collection of photos of transpo bikes sent in by EcoVelo readers. We’re currently up to 232 entries and counting. If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look and consider submitting a few photos of your bike.

We’ve also set up an EcoVelo Group on Flickr where other Flickr users can post photos of their transpo bikes. Our Flickr Group currently has 421 members and contains 5,777 photos. If you’re a Flickr user, please join us there! And if you’re not, just enjoy looking over the fantastic collection of photos submitted by our Flickr friends.

While it’s more fun for us to check out what other people are riding, we figure folks like to see our bikes too, so we’ve set up a couple of other places on the web where you can see our bike photos. Besides our own Flickr Photostream, we have a Zenfolio site set up where folks can view our photos, and if they so choose, purchase prints or digital downloads.

Summer is in full swing here in NorCal and we’re enjoying this wonderful time of year for shooting photos. Don’t hesitate to join in the fun and submit your photos to our Bike Gallery or upload your photos to the EcoVelo Flickr Group.

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