Aubree’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Greensocks – Dylan’s green striped socks on his orange bike.
  2. Harper – Harper’s first ride on her new Skuut.
  3. Kids – Harper and Windham all bundled up for a ride on the back of the bike.

Owen’s Photo Contest Entries

These shots were taken on the Barrage at Cardiff Bay (Wales, UK) —Ows

Michael Wolfe’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. The first is of my friends Nate and Philippe. It was taken in the Palouse country in eastern Washington, in the middle of the second day of the 2007 Portland to Glacier 1000k.
  2. The second is of my friend Sam, taken on the Nestucca River Road at the start of our fleche in 2008. Our team, The Sons of Sam Browne, went to the Oregon Coast and back and had a fantastic time.

Visit Michael’s blog, The Long Haul

Erkki’s Photo Contest Entries

Martin Reis’ Photo Contest Entries

Representing Toronto, Canada… Benny Zenga on his VERY tall bike…

Eric’s Photo Contest Entry

David’s Photo Contest Entries

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