Donald Moore’s Photo Contest Entries

This is my homebuilt recumbent. ┬áThis is a new foldable one with a 26 inch rear wheel and internal storage. —Donald

Alan T.’s Photo Contest Entry

Ed Livingston’s Photo Contest Entries

The first is my commuter bike in the foreground with the Chicago Lakefront at dusk in the background. The second is from last years Bike the Drive event where the main road along the Chicago lakefront, Lakeshore Drive, is closed down to cars for a day and the bikes take over. —Ed

Shelly’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Bubble Bicycle
  2. 2 Antioch Boys in SF for Giants Game

I make and design bicycle helmet covers for RidingPretty.
Best Regards, Shelly

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Bob’s Photo Contest Entries

Visit Bob’s blog, Liberty on Bikes

Pat Franz’s Photo Contest Entry

This one is of my daughter on the way to school one morning. She loves challenging weather. —Pat

Pat is the owner of Terracycle in Portland, OR. Visit Terracycle

Ty Lindemans’ Photo Contest Entries

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