Jean-Pierre ELOY’s Photo Contest Entries

Robb Sutton’s Photo Contest Entries

Visit Rob’s website, Mountain Biking by 198

Len Gilbert’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. 2008 Raleigh One Way (my primary commuter)
  2. 1968 Raleigh Sports on the beach
  3. Ghost bike on the Emeryville-Oakland border
  4. My co-worker’s Novara Safari-based Xtracycle with his Christmas tree aboard. We got some great looks when three bikes showed up at the tree lot to buy a tree.

Rick Steele’s Photo Contest Entries

I had to bring back the Shop Quail as it seemed there were these unbelievers when it first appeared on your old blog.  Then a couple of my favorite customer trikes that struck me as being very cool.  The S&S coupled GS GLO and the super matte black finish made it look very stealth. The finish was so course that decals were supplied, but not applied. Would ruin the look anyway.  The Catrike 700 with customer upgraded components such as the Dura-Ace 9spd STI Brifters that took a test ride to become a believer. —Rick

Rick is the proprietor of Gold Country Cyclery in Shingle Springs, CA.

Gold Country Cyclery

Adrienne’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. My Batavus right after a rain
  2. A ghost bike in Emeryville, CA
  3. A panda of what felt like the first day of spring
  4. My son, Declan, riding his favorite bike and letting it take him where his imagination wants to go!

Darryl Jordan’s Photo Contest Entries

The photos were taken over the course of Bike to Work Week held in Madison last year. The event was sponsored by Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. The exception is the one of the cyclists coming down a hill which was a benefit ride sponsored by Saris.

  1. A close-up of a bike wheel decorated for the Art Bike Parade around the Capitol Square.
  2. An employee of the State of Wisconsin Department of natural Resources parking a bicycle for the DNR’s ride to work day.
  3. A bunch of colorful bicycles parked in the valet parking area at the BFW Final Fiesta party at the end of Bike to Work Week.
  4. An overall shot of people on descending a hill at Olin Park, Madison, WI, for the Saris charity ride.

Fabio’s Photo Contest Entry

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