Matthew Mooney’s Endless Summer Entry

This was taken on the way home from a S24O last summer.


Mike Flanigan’s Endless Summer Entry

This shot is of Betsy and I in Austin Texas, July 2009. We are riding on the Bike and Hike trail that is in downtown Austin and runs along Lady Bird Lake [Town Lake]. The trail is a hard pack crushed stone surface, that makes about a 14 mile loop. The temperature was about 104 the week that we were there! We are riding our “suit case” bikes I built for traveling.


Conor Kevit’s Endless Summer Entry

The photo was taken while I was riding as part of the 2009 4K For Cancer Team, a group of young people riding across the United States to spread awareness, raise funds, and foster hope in the fight against cancer. As we rode west along a desolate road in Utah, this pre-WWII Ford appeared on the horizon and I was struck by the contrast between the decades-old gasoline powered machine and our brand new human powered vehicles. If you look closely, you can see the driver giving a cheerful hello for the camera!


Mark Garzon’s Endless Summer Entry

The week before this picture was taken, it was absolutely freezing here in Michigan. With one last gasp of summer, the warm weather came roaring back for a day so it was off to our local trail for and end of season joyride. It was amazing to see just how many people were out with the same mentality and the trail was filled with bikers, skateboarders, runners, rollerbladers, and power walkers also enjoying the weather. This spot was one of the few places where the trail calmed down a bit for a pic.

Mark Garzon

Mike Folks’ Endless Summer Entry

This summer on a trip to New Orleans, I took this pic of my Gary Fisher on Fulton Street. The French Quarter is a great place to ride!

Mike Folks, San Antonio, TX

Gert-Jan Rodenboog’s Endless Summer Entry

My wife Heleen en daughter Ruth on a bike in Holland.

Gert-Jan Rodenboog, the Netherlands

Jim McCracken’s Endless Summer Entry

Spinning along the South Fork of the Clearwater River in Idaho.


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