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Looking at Bikes

Betty Blue Skies
Betty Blue Skies

We like looking at bikes, particularly those that are used for transportation. We suspect most of our readers enjoy it too. One of our favorite places to peruse photos of bikes is right here in our Bicycle Gallery, a collection of photos of transpo bikes sent in by EcoVelo readers. We’re currently up to 232 entries and counting. If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look and consider submitting a few photos of your bike.

We’ve also set up an EcoVelo Group on Flickr where other Flickr users can post photos of their transpo bikes. Our Flickr Group currently has 421 members and contains 5,777 photos. If you’re a Flickr user, please join us there! And if you’re not, just enjoy looking over the fantastic collection of photos submitted by our Flickr friends.

While it’s more fun for us to check out what other people are riding, we figure folks like to see our bikes too, so we’ve set up a couple of other places on the web where you can see our bike photos. Besides our own Flickr Photostream, we have a Zenfolio site set up where folks can view our photos, and if they so choose, purchase prints or digital downloads.

Summer is in full swing here in NorCal and we’re enjoying this wonderful time of year for shooting photos. Don’t hesitate to join in the fun and submit your photos to our Bike Gallery or upload your photos to the EcoVelo Flickr Group.

EcoVelo Bike Gallery
EcoVelo Flickr Photostream
EcoVelo Flickr Group
EcoVelo Zenfolio Site
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USPS Bicycling Forever Stamps

Bicycling Stamos

The Postal Service announced today that they’ll be issuing a bicycle-themed set of stamps for 2012. The stamps were designed by art director Phil Jordan of Falls Church, VA using illustrations by John Mattos of San Francisco, CA. The four stamps depict a young child on training wheels, a commuter (!), a racer, and a BMX rider. More information is available at the “Beyond the Perf” website.

Beyond the Perf

Along a Long Road by Frank Viva

Beautiful! Makes me wish my kids were little again.

Along a Long Road

Bikes vs. Jet

Jet Blue

In a PR stunt intended to take advantage of the so-called “Carmageddon” 405 freeway closure this past weekend in Los Angeles, Jet Blue offered $4 flights across town from Burbank to Long Beach. And, in an exquisite example of one-upmanship, six bicyclists from the Wolfpack Hustle cycling club raced the jet across town and beat it. From the LA. Times:

The cyclists and a blogger aboard the JetBlue flight left at 10:50 a.m. from the same intersection in North Hollywood – with the blogger having to drive to the airport, arriving an hour before the 12:20 p.m. flight, then catching a ride to the aquarium in Long Beach, the finish line. The plane had just taken off when the cyclists arrived.

The Wolfpack Hustle also took advantage of the “race” to raise $7,000 for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Great stuff.

Chrome “This is My City” Photo Contest

Chrome Photo Contest

Chrome is hosting a photo contest. From Chrome:

Stories that make up your city are found in the faces, sights, and sounds that are immersed in it. From the recluse to the regulars, everyone carries a piece of its many parts. We’ve all got that favorite record store, little-known food spot, bicycle shortcut, or local hero that makes a city wholly ours.

To celebrate the release of our tough, urban SLR camera pack this July, we’re asking you to capture a piece of your city in a photo by 7/25 @ 12PM PST for a chance to win a Chrome Niko + a Nikon D3000 SLR camera.

More at Chrome
View the Entries

Sac Seersucker Ride

Seersucker Ride

We had a fabulous day today, bike-strolling, pinicking, and chatting it up with fellow bike-people on Sacramento Tweed’s summer “Seersucker Ride”. If you’re familiar with the tweed ride concept, a seersucker ride is just a warm weather version of the same.

Our intrepid hosts and ride leaders Rick & Erin of Sacramento Tweed put together a perfect program for this summer’s ride. After the meet-up at Temple Coffee/Revolution Wines in Midtown, our group of approximately 100 riders rode across town to Land Park where we picnicked in the shade while listening to traditional acoustic music provided by The Alkali Flats.

Seersucker Ride

From there we rode downtown to the Crocker Museum where they had a secure, private parking area set aside for the group’s 100 or so bikes (way cool!!). As some of the group enjoyed the exhibit, others of us relaxed in the spacious cafe area of the beautiful new Teel Family Pavillion. It felt great to cool off in the air-conditioned museum after the ride across town in the summer heat.

Finally, the main group headed to de Vere’s Irish Pub to finish off the day with a pint while a few of us split off to have a cup of coffee before heading home. All-in-all, it was an awesome time.

While on the surface it may appear tweed/seersucker rides are about the clothing, they’re actually about reawakening the spirit of a more genteel era in which camaraderie and well-wishing among bicyclists were the norm. In fact, no particular type of clothing or bicycle was required to participate in this ride, and everyone was warmly welcomed regardless of their chosen bike or attire.

Seersucker Ride

The tweed ride phenomenon started in London in January of 2009 and quickly jumped across the Atlantic to the U.S. where it has spread like wildfire the past couple of years. Many cities across the country have now hosted tweed rides.

Most tweed rides are under 20 miles in length and include a few stops for food-and-drink along the way. The pace is usually languid, and perhaps most importantly, there’s always an effort to be inclusive of riders of all ability levels.

If you haven’t experienced one of these rides yet, we highly recommend joining the fun when one comes to your area!

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