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California is getting closer to having a 3-foot passing law. The State Senate approved SB 910 by 27 to 9 on June 1. The next hurdle is the Assembly, where the bill will be heard by the Transportation Committee within the next few weeks. The deadline for approval is July 8.

Give Me 3

Adventure Cycling Surpasses USBRS Fundraising Goal


From Adventure Cycling Association:

Missoula, Montana — Adventure Cycling Association announced today that its 2011 Build It. Bike It. Be a Part of It. campaign for the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) surpassed its $30,000 goal, raising over $31,000 for the project during National Bike Month.

Using social media tools, a group of dedicated fundraisers, state partners, and leveraged funds from a diverse roster of business and organizational donors, Adventure Cycling asked cyclists across America to donate $10 or more to help build this national network. In 2010, the first year of the fundraising campaign, Adventure Cycling raised over $27,000.

“This year we saw more than 400 individual donors contribute to the campaign, a big increase over last year,” said Julie Huck, membership director for Adventure Cycling. “The wide spread support for this project is truly inspiring.”

“Core supporters” — individuals who came on as dedicated fundraisers for the campaign — were key in helping reach out to cyclists across the nation through email and various social media platforms. These supporters pledged to help raise funds, and ultimately brought in nearly $8,000 to help Adventure Cycling reach its goal.

Adventure Cycling Association

Freedom From Oil

Freedom From Oil

The Livable Communities Task Force has published a report titled Freedom From Oil: Policy Solutions from the Livable Communities Task Force. From the Introduction:

Providing a full range of transportation choices — such as transit, walking and bicycling — can help Americans withstand price shocks in the oil market. A full range of transportation choices not only reduces demand for gasoline, but improves community and environmental health by reducing pollution that degrades air and water quality, with associated savings in healthcare costs. Biking and walking also encourage physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle, lowering our healthcare costs and improving quality of life. Communities designed for walking and bicycling also leave room for parks and natural areas and tend to have lower roadway maintenance costs per capita.

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3-Way Street

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

The above video is part of Ron Gabriel’s 3-Way Street campaign. The purpose of the video is to “show our interconnected role in improving the safety and usability of our streets.”

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“Simply keep riding; that’s the best advocacy of all.”

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Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists, looks back at Bike Month.

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Breeze rides are “fun, free, informal bike rides for women” organized and funded by British Cycling. From the Breeze website:

The Breeze network from British Cycling is all about fun, local bike rides for women — and a whole range of support, training and ride opportunities too.

Breeze bike rides are for women, by women. The Breeze network is informal and relaxed. It’s what you want it to be. Breeze bike rides are free. Getting involved is easy.

Breeze is part of British Cycling’s commitment to getting more women riding bikes for fun, and encouraging more women to join British Cycling. Together we can change cycling for women. Be part of the Breeze network.


2011 Bicycle Friendly State Rankings

BFS Rankings

The League of American Bicyclists’ 2011 Bicycle Friendly State rankings have been announced. Washington came out on top again, followed by Maine and Wisconsin. Second place Maine was the only state to get better than a “C” ranking for infrastructure, with a large majority getting an “F”. Adequate infrastructure is so important (particularly for new riders), but unfortunately it’s still sorely lacking in many areas of the country.

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