A New Start


Over the 3.5 years that EcoVelo was active, we generated 3,320 posts of various sorts including road tests, product reviews, op-ed pieces, technical articles, advocacy and infrastructure news pieces, and a myriad of other tidbits related to using bicycles for transportation. Along with our regular daily blog posts, we also curated an extensive commuter bicycle gallery, a large collection of bicycle commuter profiles, and various bike-related photo contests.

On January 1, 2012, we put EcoVelo into stasis due to time constraints and changing priorities. We’ve kept the site live on the web as a resource for the transportational bicycling community, but we haven’t made any additions to the site since then. Our plan was to permanently close down the site on January 1, 2014.

The good news is that our friends at NYCeWheels in New York City have stepped up to take over as owners/administrators of EcoVelo. We couldn’t be happier about Bert and his staff picking up the reins. Besides being one of the largest dealers in the U.S. specializing in folders, e-bikes, and scooters, they’re doing great things to promote human-powered transportation in the New York area while providing support and education for transportational cyclists through their extensive web presence. The transition will be gradual, but you’ll start seeing new articles show up soon, with continued growth over the coming months and years. We’re 100% confident that Bert and his staff at NYCeWheels will take EcoVelo to many new and exciting places!

On a personal note, we’re still riding bicycles for transportation as always. With the free time and creative energy regained when we mothballed EcoVelo, we’ve been doing lots of walking in the woods and playing with cameras. It’s a new frontier for us, but we’re enjoying the process of learning about landscape photography and the gallery world.

All the best,
Alan & Michael

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