Bicycle Commuter Profile: Bob Gravenor

Name: Bob Gravenor
Location: Co.Kildare, Ireland
Started bike commuting: 2011
Commute distance (one way): 8.5 miles

Describe your commute: First 4 miles narrow rural roads, then 1/2m through a town centre. onto a train to dublin, then take on the city traffic for another 4 miles. If the weather is pleasant I’ll go for a 10mile spin at lunch too.

Describe your bike and accessories: I have several bikes, each designed for a different purpose. which machine I ride depends on mood, weather conditions, load, and what time I leave the house. The usual suspects are a restored 1976 Raleigh Stowaway (the folding version of the Raleigh twenty). A 2003 Claud Butler Milano Racer, or a restored 1986 Dawes Super-Galaxy tourer. When it’s sub-zero I use a 2008 Trek 3900 MTB fitted with Schwalbe Ice Spiker tyres. I also have several other bikes, which are usually used for leisure runs. I love restoring and maintaining old bikes and components as much as I love to ride them.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Get water/windproof clothes, and don’t chicken out in bad weather. You’ll find it’s a good part of the fun. If you can, it’s good to have a spare bike. That way if something breaks, you can still cycle. Learn to maintain your own bike – it’s enormously satifying, and much quicker, easier and cheaper compared to reliance on someone else.

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