Bicycle Commuter Profile: Béatrice S.

Bicycle Commuter Profile

Name: Béatrice S.
Location: Palaiseau, Essone, France
Started bike commuting: In March, 2010
Commute distance (one way): 5 miles / 8 km

Describe your commute: I live in a suburbian town in the south of Paris, at the edge of the grey over-urbanized suburbs and the countryside. Every morning, I ride downhill from the hill I live on, until the other side of the valley, through my town, in an urban environment, then a little bit of countryside alongside a little river, on little roads, with fields, and then back in town on a separate bicycle lane.

Describe your bike and accessories: I have three bikes. A Giant CRS 3 City W, equipped with fenders & rack, I have installed lights: a dynamo-hub Shimano DH-N30 plus a Busch & Muller Cyo Lumotech IQ RT light ahead and a Toplight Plus light on the rear (all lightened by the dyn-hub), and a basic cycle computer, and a rearview mirror. I also have an Giant Twist Freedom W electric bike to carry loads, and an old steel bike I use to tour on vacations.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: It’s not that hard to move… no need to be a Marathon racer. Everybody can do it.

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