Gallery: Mark’s 1974 Raleigh Sport

Mark's 1974 Raleigh Sport
Mark's 1974 Raleigh Sport

I purchased this 1974 Raleigh Sport from a man who hadn’t ridden the 3-speed since moving from the flats of Virginia Beach to the hills of Charlottesville in the early 1980s. It sat rusting with it’s original Norfolk and Richmond bike license stickers. After a complete rehab – tires, bearings, new chain, cables, rust removal and polishing – it now serves as my main commuter for a ~5-8 mile / day daily trip through downtown Charlottesville where the limited gearing span is no problem. The fenders, chain guard, and upright stance make riding in a suit and tie feasible. For nighttime visibility, to supplement my helmet light I added an old Royce Union dynamo and light set (rigging up the broken taillight with a salvaged LED, resistor, and a red reflector cover from a jogging blinky light), an old Cateye headlight, and a new Planet Bike fender-mounted blinky light. I indulged in a new Brooks saddle and bought a way-too-robust double-legged kickstand. Although not a pristine restoration, the chipped patina, in my opinion, is handsome and ensures that I will not sweat if someone dings it a bit in the inadequate bike parking at my workplace. Next step: an vintage-appropriate back cargo rack so that I don’t need to wear a backpack.


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