Derek and Sara’s Litter Patrol

Derek and Sara's Litter Patrol
Derek and Sara's Litter Patrol

[Derek and Sara are doing good things on bikes in their hometown. —ed]

Bike is an Electra Ghostrider with Xtracycle and homemade bins. This bike was used to launch a fun community service project called Litter Patrol a couple of weeks ago. Short term goals- which we are accomplishing at an amazing rate:

  • Get peoples attention
  • Use creative/fun bikes to do positive things in the community
  • Promote biking/walking/volunteering
  • Launch a barrage of fun, creative, positive bike related activities on the community some of which include bicycle fashion show, community cruiser rides, bike trains at the schools, bike/walk days, bicycle delivery service – 1$ per delivery! The goal with this is to make it cheaper for people than if they drove and to show it can be done (we just moved to this town and it’s perfect for bikes – flat and not real spread out but nobody bikes – yet)

Long term goals: Turn our little town into a car free zone (or at least parts of it)

Derek and Sara's Litter Patrol

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