Bicycle Commuter Profile: Darren S.

Name: Darren S.
Location: Laguna Hills, CA
Started bike commuting: 2008
Commute distance (one way): 15 miles

Describe your commute: 1/2 of commute is on a dedicated MUP. The rest is city roads through three different cities (Laguna Hills, Irvine, Costa Mesa and part of Santa Ana, CA). I also do a long route which is 22miles one way.

Describe your bike and accessories: 2008 Specialized Allez. Magicshine headlight, CRUD Racer fenders for when it gets wet. Continental Gatorskins keep me from getting flats. Contrary to the ideals of this website, I DO my commute wearing Lycra, and I do like to ride fast. My commute is long enough that if I were to dawdle on my commute, it would take me forever to get there.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Be realistic about how often you can bike (vs. driving) to work. If biking sucks up so much time that you miss out on family life, then back off a bit. Family is more important than principle. Also, see if you can keep several sets of clothes at the office. That way you can keep your commuting rig light.

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