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Adventure Cyclist

With over 44,000 members, Adventure Cycling Association is the largest bicycle travel advocacy organization in North America. Though their focus is predominately on touring and travel (as opposed to commuting), we’re all for reducing automobile use whenever and wherever possible. From Adventure Cycling :

The mission of Adventure Cycling Association is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle. We help cyclists explore the landscapes and history of America for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. As a nonprofit organization, all proceeds from tours, sales, and membership go directly back into supporting our mission and programs.

Adventure Cyclist is the monthly magazine of the Adventure Cycling Association. Chock full of beautiful photos and interesting stories of bike-related adventures, it’s a great read for anyone interested in using bicycles for transportation. An Adventure Cyclist subscription is included as part of any Adventure Cycling membership, and back issues are available online in PDF format. Follow the link below (or click the banner in the sidebar) if you’d like a sample copy sent to you at no charge.

Adventure Cyclist

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