Trek 2012

Trek Belleville

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned Trek’s Cocoa, their new Dutch-inspired city bike. It’s also worth noting that Trek’s Belleville, Soho Deluxe, and Transport city bikes from last year are going to continue to be produced for 2012.

The Belleville is a vintage-inspired 3-speed with a porteur-style front rack, dynamo hub and lights, and internal gear drivetrain. This is a unique bike among their line-up and I hope they sell well next year so that Trek is encouraged to produce more bikes in this vein.

Trek Soho Deluxe
Soho Deluxe

The Soho Deluxe is Trek’s take on what is becoming the standard speedy, belt drive commuter. For 2012 it will continue to be spec’d with an Alfine 8 internal gear hub and Gates belt.

Trek Transport

The Transport is Trek’s version of the longtail cargo bike. It’s being marketed as part of the “Gary Fisher Collection”. I’m encouraged that we have a cargo bike being produced by a large company like Trek.

Trek has other urban bikes in their line-up, but these are the three that catch my eye. My take is that these are important bikes because they (perhaps) have a better chance of ending up in mainstream bike shops than similar transpo bikes from smaller manufacturers. And, of course, the more transpo bikes we have in neighborhood shops, the more likely people are to start thinking about bikes as something more than sporting goods.

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