Stuff We Like: Velocity Dyad Halo Rims

Dyad Halo

The Velocity Dyad is a tough, no frills, 700c commuting/touring/tandem rim available in 32, 36, 40, and 48 spokes, with or without machined sidewalls. At 24mm, it’s slightly wider than your typical touring rim. The Velocity Synergy looks more traditional with its boxy cross-section, but the Dyad’s V-shaped cross-section makes the rim stronger and eliminates the need for eyelets. The 36-hole version properly laced to any decent hub makes a bomb-proof commuting wheel.

Besides being available in the usual silver and black, the 32H and 36H Dyad is available in what is called a “Halo” reflective finish. Here’s a description from Halo Coatings:

Halo is leading the retro-reflective industry with their patented, innovative powder coating that is unmatched in its luminosity and brightness. Halo has developed and commercialized the world’s first and only retro-reflective powder coating. It is extremely durable, cost effective and looks great by day. At night, the coating protects people and objects with over 1,000 feet of bright, incandescent, and life-saving visibility.

Dyad Halo

Microscopic glass particles that reflect light are embedded in the powder coat. During the day the rim looks gun metal gray, but at night it lights up when struck by a headlight beam. The nighttime benefits on a non-machined disc rim are obvious, but even on a Dyad with machined sidewalls, a fair amount of reflective material remains visible due to the rim’s V-shaped profile. It’s a cool technology.

Bead seat diameter: 622
Weight: 480g
ERD = 596

Velocity USA

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