Selle An-Atomica Squeak Fix

Selle An-Atomica

As you may know, I’m a big fan of Selle An-Atomica saddles. I ride one on my primary commuting bike and have done so for a couple of years now (for the record, I was riding these saddles long before S-A became a sponsor of this site). I find them the most comfortable among all of the saddles I’ve ridden. They’re unique in that they flex and move more than other leather saddles, conforming to your physique like a hammock (some people describe them as “hammock-like”). Like any saddle, Selles aren’t for everyone, but they work exceptionally well for me.

Because they’re designed to move and flex more than other saddles, S-As can sometimes squeak. If you have a squeaky Selle, you can contact the manufacturer via their website and they’ll send you a nylon gasket at no charge that should solve the problem.

Selle An-Atomica Contact Page
How to Install the Gasket

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