Gallery: Mitchell’s Kogswell

Mitchell's Kogswell
Mitchell's Kogswell

[Mitchell sent us these photos of his Kogswell. —ed.]

This is my Kogswell. It went to Natchez and Bonnaroo with me, it’s gone off countless jumps, and it’s been my daily commuter for two years. I never can remember all the parts, but here are a few highlights:

  • Hand-built 650B front wheel with a Shimano dynamo hub
  • Kogswell Frame (with extra stout tubing. I think it was a prototype. It’s 59cm)
  • VO Porteur rack (Thanks to EcoVelo!)
  • Half of a Dura Ace 7400 crankset (I cracked the left crank arm)
  • Mismatched tires (one’s a cool Rivendell Rolly-Polly)
  • One barend Silver shifter and one downtube Shimano shifter

Mitchell Connell

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