Boston’s Hubway Ready to Roll


Boston’s Hubway bike share system officially launches this Thursday with an inaugural ride scheduled for 10am at City Hall Plaza. The system will be implemented by Portland’s Alta Bicycle Share, with bikes supplied by Canada’s Bixi. Initially the system will be comprised of 600 bikes spread across 61 stations, with plans to expand in the future. The pricing scheme is similar to other bike share systems with annual, 3-Day, and 24-Hour memberships available. From Hubway:

On Earth Day, April 21, 2011, Mayor Thomas M. Menino signed a contract with Alta Bicycle Share, officially announcing the launch of a bike share system in the City of Boston. Planned as a regional system, New Balance Hubway was initiated under Mayor Menino’s nationally recognized Boston Bikes Program, which aims to build Boston into one of the world’s premiere cycling cities. The City of Boston is working with MassDOT, MAPC, MBTA and the FTA to expand the system into more Boston neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

The installation of the system will begin in July 2011 with more than 600 bicycles at 61 stations to be located widely throughout Boston. Hubway will eventually expand into surrounding neighborhoods and communities, creating a single regional system.

View the station map here.


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