Brompton Project X

Brompton S2L-X
The current Brompton S2L-X

Brompton is currently working on a new bike design. It’s a semi-secret project they’ve dubbed “Project X”. As development progresses they’ve been letting out a few details about the project via email updates. They plan to initially release a few hundred prototypes before going into full production. Approximately a year after production starts a retrofit package will be available for existing Bromptons. You can get on the mailing list for updates at the Brompton website.


12 Responses to “Brompton Project X”

  • John Riley says:

    If it is something that can be retrofit, will it really be a “new design”?

  • Alan says:

    My guess is that they’re developing an full titanium mainframe.

  • Andy says:

    Not a big fan of this type of hype. There’s too many companies always saying “Wait, don’t buy some other brand yet because we promise to have something new and better!” Then a year or two later, some mediocre change is available at an astronomical rate. Or it just never comes out at all.

  • msrw says:

    I should hope that they’d develop their new model with a belt drive and IGH without the odd hybrid drive system. It seems nothing more than eccentric, their current drive train.

  • Ben Dembroski says:

    I don’t think that it will necessarily be lighter than an s-1x. Just that it will be lighter than competitively equipped bikes.

    For instance, a really light electric bike…

    I’m guessing electric (common knowledge they’ve been working on that for a while), with a new bag that holds the battery, and makes the electrical connection to the motor via an (also new) carrier block.

    That way when you ride to work you just need to get your bag next to an outlet to recharge for the ride home.

  • Albert says:

    Lighter is nice, but I’d rather they increase the number of gears in their IGH so the two speed derailler isn’t needed.

  • Patrick says:

    I think there’s a misunderstanding, the official statement was:

    Project X will be the lightest product of its kind, yet it will out-perform all its competitors.

    “of it’s kind” and many people believe that the product will be an E-bike. So it won’t be lighter than the S2L-X, but it will be the lightest, electrical bicycle.

    It’s a constant subject in the Brompton talk-group and many videos and interviews from the last few months point towards an E-Bike-Brompton with front motor and battery pack in a front bag.

  • Zach says:

    I agree with Alan, I bet it is a Ti mainframe. Especially with a name like project “x”. The Ti option is labeled “X” already, so in keeping with their naming convention that would seem right; however, why the delay to have a Ti mainframe? A Ti option with anodized tubing would be interesting, but not really new like John points out. Also based on their press releases, it shouldn’t increase the size of the folded package either, so bigger wheels are out. I guess it could be a new IG hub or controls, but the current setup seems to work, and a hub/shifter upgrade really wouldn’t call for a new color. There has been some speculation it would be an electric option, but that wouldn’t keep the weight down. I don’t think it will stop me from buying one before the new design is released.

  • Ben Dembroski says:

    I’m looking forward to when the thing is finally revealed, and we all are get to see that we were wrong. :)

    Nothing wrong with being an armchair product designer…

  • sygyzy says:

    What is meant by a few hundred prototypes? They are selling the test bikes to the public?

  • Alan says:


    “Prototype” was my language. Here’s the quote: “Its initial launch will be limited to a few hundred exemplars in a unique colour before it becomes available as a B-spoke option widely available to consumers”.

  • Eddie Hurt says:

    How does one become one of the select Brompton Exemplars? Is that kind of like Knight Templars of the folding bike world or something?

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