Monday Morning Commute: Great Way to Start the Work Week

Monday Morning Commute

What a way to start the work week. I hope your Monday morning commute found you on your bike enjoying a nice route and not stuck in a car on the freeway!

6 Responses to “Monday Morning Commute: Great Way to Start the Work Week”

  • Sergio says:

    That sure looks like a great way to start the day… :)

  • Doug says:

    Here here! Monday is often the hardest day to motivate myself to ride to work, but when I do, it feels extra nice :-)

  • Nicholas says:

    What’s that nifty looking red pannier you got there?

  • Tom says:

    Amen, brother! It’s nice to finish your commute LESS stressed than when you started it!

  • Alan says:


    That’s an Arkel Bug:

    Still my favorite multi-modal commuting pannier!


  • Velotex says:

    If I had to start my day like this everyday – You won’t find me without a smile on my face! Its the ultimate way to feel good about yourself and knowing that you’re helping the environment doesn’t hurt one bit. Great blog!

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