BRAIN Bicycle Factory & Suppliers Map


Each year, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News creates a map showing many of the major North American bike companies and the factories and countries where their bikes are manufactured and assembled.

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4 Responses to “BRAIN Bicycle Factory & Suppliers Map”

  • James Fisher says:

    Gee, feel a bit slighted here in MN. Home of Quality Bike and all of their subspecies (Surly, Salsa, Civia, All-City, Forge….)

  • Alan says:

    I noticed that too. They did mention on the map that the information was provided voluntarily, so perhaps QBP didn’t want to divulge that much detail.

  • Daniel says:

    James beat me to it. Seems strange indeed. Minneapolis is the #1 city in the country for biking, but you wouldn’t know it to look at the map.

  • Pete says:

    Well, “every year” except the years since 2009!
    As others have noted, it’s a pretty incomplete list. I wish it were comprehensive, and also indicated the proportion of each company’s production from each source. For example, Trek is listed as a US “In-house Manufacturer” but I’d bet less than 1% of their annual volume is built or assembled in the US.
    Also would be helpful if the icon size were proportional to sales – you’d need a microscope to find IF in Boston, and Giant would cover the entire western half of the country!

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