Bicycle Commuter Profile: Shane Rowse

Bicycle Commuter Profile

Name: Shane Rowse
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Started bike commuting: 1988, and 2010 with a long hiatus from ’97 to ’10
Commute distance (one way): 5.5 miles

Describe your commute: Inner city neighborhood to downtown, moderately hilly with a general downhill trend on the way in, uphill on the way home. I take different routes going and coming to take advantage of the downhill trend going to work and to spread the climb out on the return. The trip to work is all on regular city streets, some of it with moderately heavy downtown traffic; the home trip uses a section of road that is a “Scenic Byway” that adds an extra mile to the ride but avoids a lot of traffic and lets me drop my guard a bit and enjoy the ride.

Describe your bike and accessories: Most days I ride an Electra Ticino 7D with a Brooks B17 saddle and a basic set of LED head and tail lights; no toe clips, just plain pedals. I carry a messenger bag that I got from the army surplus. I wear a Bern Brentwood helmet and a “Take A Look” rearview mirror on my glasses. And then, every so often I’ll ride my old racer, which is a1976 Austro Daimler Vent Noir.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: You DON’T need special shoes; you DON’T need to dress in spandex; you DO need a rearview mirror. Ride like you would if you were driving a vehicle that had license plates.

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