Happy 4th!

4th of July

We’re going to take a much-needed break for a few days. All the best to you on this holiday weekend – see you next week!

—Alan & Michael

4 Responses to “Happy 4th!”

  • Steve Butcher says:

    Happy Independence Day and enjoy a well-earned rest!

  • voyage says:

    Had my doubts at first but as it turns out, you’re doing a good job at presenting the macro policy issues, the technical fetishism, the experiences of others, the joy and difficulty that goes with getting around on a bike.

    One might say you are hitting on all four cylinders…

    Happy Fourth!

  • Al says:

    Happy birthday Alan & Michael! Your son “EcoV” is growing up very nicely indeed :)

  • Alan says:

    Thanks for the kind words. We hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!

    Alan & Michael

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