L.A. Metro Bike/Rail Study

LA Metro Study

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) recently published their Bicycle Rail Trip Analysis and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study that looks at bicycle trips to and from Metro Rail. The study aims to establish the benefits of providing a system that accommodates bicyclists on trains and at train stations.

Bicycle trip data was gathered at 19 Metro Rail stations during morning and evening commutes as well as during the lunch hour. 605 surveys were collected and 2,305 bicyclists were counted at the 19 sampled stations. The document is loaded with interesting findings, a few of which I pulled from the Exec Summary:

  • Bicycle-rail trips would replace approximately 322,000 motor vehicle trips and reduce 3.96 million vehicle miles traveled each year, offsetting approximately 2,152 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) annually. This would be equivalent to taking 422 motor vehicles off the road.
  • 27 percent of bicycle-rail trips replaced a motor vehicle trip, and 12 percent of bicycle trips to-and-from a station replaced motor vehicle trips.
  • Survey respondents overwhelmingly said that being allowed to take their bike on the train influenced their decision to travel by bike and rail. Of the 477 people who responded to the question, 65 percent chose “allowed to take bike on train” as a factor that influenced their decision. 13 percent of bicyclists would not make their trip if they couldn’t bicycle and take the train.

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