Back in the Flow


Due to the overwhelming response to our call for bicycle commuter profiles, we removed the entries from the main flow of the website to avoid overwhelming our regular daily content. As anticipated, after the initial rush the number of entries has slowed to a trickle, so it’s time to place the profiles back in the main blog timeline and enter each new profile as an individual post. Like with our photo contests, as you scroll back through archive pages from the main entry page you’ll encounter blocks of profiles that were posted en masse, but as those drift further down the timeline it will become less of an issue.

Going forward, the complete set of profiles can be accessed by either clicking on the “Bicycle Commuter Profiles” link at the top of every page, or clicking on the same in the left hand column under the “Categories” heading.

As always, if you haven’t submitted a Profile yet, please consider adding yours to the collection. Thanks!

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