Summer Storm Rolling In

Summer Storm

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  • Ben says:

    an amazing picture…inspiring stuff

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Ben…

  • Chris J. from DE says:

    Hey Alan, have you ridden your Bryant in an all-out downpour yet? I did that on my commute home last Thursday. I got home, got off the bike, put it in the shed, and rode it back to work the next morning. I’m amazed that it really needs this little maintenance!

    Chris J. from DE

  • Robert Hill says:

    I quite want a Bryant. Would you guys that own one still recommend one? It has just about everything I want, and its the only drop bar/IGH/belt bike I can even find.

  • Chris J. from DE says:

    @Robert Hill — I would highly recommend this bike. I rode recumbents for about 8 years because of neck and seat-area pain, and I was reluctant and a bit nervous to switch back to upright biking this spring. I was, however, recently brain-washed by Alan’s wonderful pictures and written description of this bike. Must. Have. Civia. Bryant.

    I went in to get fitted to determine frame size, quickly switched to a Selle An-Atomica saddle, and I now find it amazingly comfortable. As many others have mentioned, the fact that you can roll up to a stop sign in your highest gear, click down seven times while waiting for your turn, and take off in your lowest gear is a joy that hasn’t gotten old for me. I love that! It is also totally silent and really smooth to ride.

    I had my local bike shop (LBS) add some Paul’s brakes to the handlebars, and got a custom GPS mount. I’ll take some pictures of it and hopefully send them to Alan soon.

    Chris J.

  • John Riley says:

    Kinda odd for it to be pouring rain in San Francisco on June 28, but it is better than a drought and fires.

  • Alan says:

    @Chris J.

    It’s gotten wet, though it was more of a light rain than a downpour. You’re right; the maintenance requirements of this bike are very low.


    PS – Looking forward to those pics!

  • Alan says:

    It’s a sweet bike, Robert. A nice mix of old and new, performance and practicality…

  • Alan says:


    It just started raining here at lunchtime. The weather just keeps getting stranger and stranger…

  • Michael says:

    I headed out this morning on my bike, then after 10 minutes it started to drizzle… I went back and took the car.

    And an extra coat.

    Did we switch places with Australia?

  • Alan says:


    It feels like a typical June in Seattle to me (lived there for 10 years)… :-)

  • Dan says:

    Hi Alan, beautiful bike. Considering getting a Civia Kingfield. What would I be giving up getting that vs. a Bryant?

    Love your photography btw!

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Dan.

    The Kingfield’s a nice bike. The main differences between the two are the Alfine versus Nexus IGH, the levers, and the brakes. There are also a few subtle details on the Bryant frame which probably make it more expensive. The Alfine hub is slightly upgraded from the Nexus, though in practice the differences are minor. The Versa levers are a nice upgrade, but only if you like Brifters. Perhaps the biggest functional difference lies in the disc versus rim brakes. Certainly the V-brakes on the Kingfield are perfectly functional, but you might prefer the discs on the Bryant if you do much riding in inclement weather.


  • Dan says:

    Thanks Alan. Currently I’m riding a Gary Fisher Simple City 3. Love the internal hub but, though I live in tidewater Virginia, there’s a big gap between 2nd and 3rd gear. It’s quite heavy too, and now that I’m commuting nearly every day, I’m looking for a step up in quality, and a few more gears. And hey, a belt drive combined with an internal hub just seems like the proverbial match made in heaven. Unfortunately it’s about a 2-3 hour drive to the nearest Civia dealer so test riding one isn’t really a possibility. What else do you like that has this combination for not much more than 1K?

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