Public Cash for Clunkers

Public Cash for Clunkers

Public is running a little “Cash for Clunkers” promotion. From now through July 31, donate an old bike to any Community Bicycle Organization and Public will give you $50 off any of their new bikes.

Community Bicycle Organizations are not-for-profit, volunteer run bike shops that predominately cater to under-served communities. According to, the following types of organizations fall under the CBO heading:

  • Non-profit bicycle organizations
  • Bike shops that are accessible to people without money
  • Shops that have an educational focus, teaching others how to fix bikes
  • Shops that are volunteer run
  • Organizations that ship bikes to communities in other countries
  • Shops that provide free or low-cost services to the community
  • Organizations that recycle bicycles and parts

You can access a list of U.S.-based Community Bicycle Organizations here.

Details at Public

6 Responses to “Public Cash for Clunkers”

  • John Ferguson says:

    The hilarious thing about this campaign is that I can see precious little difference between the ‘old, heavy and unloved’ and the ‘new, light and loved’ versions.. Maybe it’s just me ;)

  • Alan says:


    In looking at the ad, I totally understand what you’re saying, but I was surprised by the weight of the 3-speed Public I had on loan for review. It has a chromoly frame and weighs in at an honest (and surprising) 28 lbs. on my scale. That’s a good 4-5 lbs. lighter than my Civia Bryant and my old Surly LHT. It’s certainly much more nimble than the “old” bike shown in the ad. Of course, weight isn’t everything, and the old bike looks pretty “lovable” to me too… :-)

  • kfg says:

    Ooooooooo! Candy apple red with matching rack and definitely not a clunker. I’ll give ya 50 bucks for it. Does Public hold stock in RPM International?

  • Joseph E says:

    I’ve been seeing ads for PUBLIC on the NYTimes website. I’m sure this is do to targeted marketing, but it shows that PUBLIC is advertizing heavily. I hope they do well. Their bikes aren’t cheap, but they are nicely built, look beautiful, and would be a good option for many people who need a bike to get around town.

  • Alan says:

    @Joseph E

    I’m not 100% sure this is what’s happening, but what you may be seeing are Google ads tailored to your online shopping preferences. In other words, a person interested in, say, bowling, would see an ad for a bowling ball in place the Public ad you’re seeing. I’ve noticed Public ads are following me all over the internet…

  • The Pirate Velo says:

    The ad really makes me wonder if the company has anyone in it that is a bike centric person. I can guarentee that 10 out of 10 times anyone that I know who rides would take the “clunker” over their bike in the ad. In my area that red “clunker” would sell on Craigs for $150 easy.

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