Sac Seersucker Ride

Seersucker Ride

We had a fabulous day today, bike-strolling, pinicking, and chatting it up with fellow bike-people on Sacramento Tweed’s summer “Seersucker Ride”. If you’re familiar with the tweed ride concept, a seersucker ride is just a warm weather version of the same.

Our intrepid hosts and ride leaders Rick & Erin of Sacramento Tweed put together a perfect program for this summer’s ride. After the meet-up at Temple Coffee/Revolution Wines in Midtown, our group of approximately 100 riders rode across town to Land Park where we picnicked in the shade while listening to traditional acoustic music provided by The Alkali Flats.

Seersucker Ride

From there we rode downtown to the Crocker Museum where they had a secure, private parking area set aside for the group’s 100 or so bikes (way cool!!). As some of the group enjoyed the exhibit, others of us relaxed in the spacious cafe area of the beautiful new Teel Family Pavillion. It felt great to cool off in the air-conditioned museum after the ride across town in the summer heat.

Finally, the main group headed to de Vere’s Irish Pub to finish off the day with a pint while a few of us split off to have a cup of coffee before heading home. All-in-all, it was an awesome time.

While on the surface it may appear tweed/seersucker rides are about the clothing, they’re actually about reawakening the spirit of a more genteel era in which camaraderie and well-wishing among bicyclists were the norm. In fact, no particular type of clothing or bicycle was required to participate in this ride, and everyone was warmly welcomed regardless of their chosen bike or attire.

Seersucker Ride

The tweed ride phenomenon started in London in January of 2009 and quickly jumped across the Atlantic to the U.S. where it has spread like wildfire the past couple of years. Many cities across the country have now hosted tweed rides.

Most tweed rides are under 20 miles in length and include a few stops for food-and-drink along the way. The pace is usually languid, and perhaps most importantly, there’s always an effort to be inclusive of riders of all ability levels.

If you haven’t experienced one of these rides yet, we highly recommend joining the fun when one comes to your area!

8 Responses to “Sac Seersucker Ride”

  • Logan Smith says:

    Great to hear the ride went well! We miss all of you.

  • Alan says:

    We miss you guys too!

  • kfg says:

    Weather looks fine, wish I were there.

  • Doug ratliff says:

    Alan, Michael, and Tess, it was really nice to see you folks again and to chat it up on all things bike! I am not too patient to hang out for an entire Tweed, so I escaped to get some quality pedaling on my bike. I hope you enjoyed the Crocker, and I am really glad to see Tess on one of my favorite Bike brands. The Bridgestone RB-2 you have for her is just Great! If you ever want to put together a retro/nostalgic Bridgestone/Riv. ride together count me in! Well, see you down the road, Doug.

  • Velouria says:

    Beautiful mother and daughter photo!

  • Alan says:


    Thank you! :-)

  • Alan says:


    It was great to see you again – glad you were able to make the ride! We’ll see you at the next one if not before.

    Best regards,

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