Thursday Afternoon Commute: Bright Blue Skies

Thursday Commute

5 Responses to “Thursday Afternoon Commute: Bright Blue Skies”

  • Bruce says:

    We have been having some bad, rainy weather here in Sydney Australia over the last two weeks. The last couple of days have been bright sunshine and just like your beautiful image. It really lifts the spirit to see the combination of blue skies and beautiful bike.

  • Robert Hoehne says:

    You have the most beautiful photographs of bikes, charming.

  • Stephen D. says:

    One of my sons is attending Boys State at Sacramento State this week. He reports that you have been having some mighty toasty weather this week.

  • Connor says:

    What are the rear panniers?

  • Alan says:


    That’s a single Arkel Bug convertible backpack/pannier.


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