BBC Made In Britain – Brompton

An inside look at Brompton from the BBC’s “Made in Britain” series.

[via BromptonWorld]

3 Responses to “BBC Made In Britain – Brompton”

  • charles says:

    Just what America needs to do……bring manufacturing back home and that’s before we forget how to make things. Our workforce is aging and that experience and knowledge base will slip away soon.

  • kfg says:

    Stop tempting me!

  • Shaun says:

    Charles is right… the skills, knowledge, and experience that people have is slipping away as the workforce ages and begins leaving the workplace. What’s worse is that we’ve devalued skilled trades as a career choice. At my son’s high school graduation, not one student was going on to a community college, trade school, or apprenticeship program. Who will be there to take over?

    This BBC documentary clip has highlighted one company but we need many more. We also need to be willing to pay more (and not much more) for locally made quality items. The people who do this work need to be compensated for their skill. In a day where a department store bike’s lifespan is measured in months (most are junked with an average of only 300 miles on them – their tires still showing molding marks), a well-made product like a Brompton, will last for decades. My neighbour has a late 60’s Moulton that still cycles as well as it did the day it was handmade.

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