Portland Design Works Takeout Basket

PDW Take Out
The Takeout Basket is an attractive, handlebar mounted carrier from Portland Design Works.

PDW Take Out
The smart design includes a U-lock slot and a headlight mounting point.

PDW Take Out
It’s a nicely detailed piece that seems plenty stout.

PDW Take Out
The included waterproof roll top bag will hold a coat, lunch, or a six pack.

PDW Take Out
The bag includes a shoulder strap for shopping.

PDW Take Out
The Takeout can also be used without the bag as a mini-porteur.

This is a really nice basket/rack that was easy to install and appears to be plenty stout for carrying small loads on the handlebar. It’s a great alternative for those who want some carrying capacity up front but either don’t have the attachment points or simply don’t need the capacity of a full-blown porteur rack. Good stuff.


  • Waterproof roll top bag included
  • Eyelet for attaching light mount
  • Integrated u-lock carrying slot
  • 10 mm alloy tubes
  • Rack weight w/o bag 500 grams
  • Fits 25.4-31.8mm handlebars
  • Inside dimensions of basket: 155mm x 255mm x 105mm
  • $120

Portland Design Works

13 Responses to “Portland Design Works Takeout Basket”

  • sygyzy says:

    Cool overview. I love the video they made. You should post it!

  • Alan says:



    Posted the video a couple of weeks ago… :-)


  • Josh Mitchell says:


    Is that on one of your bikes? If so, I’m jealous. However, I’ll probably be getting one soon.

  • Matti says:

    Overall, I think the design is well thought out and clean, however, what I can see of the attachment detail to the handlebars looks relatively coarse and clumsy, maybe a little sharp. Any chance you could post a good shot of this?

  • Alan says:


    Here’s a close-up of the mount…

  • Thomas says:

    Could you please also highlight where the the Lightmount is?
    I seem to miss it.
    Thanks alot

  • arevee says:

    Have you spent any time riding a bike with this basket attached? Looks like a nice idea, and I especially like the lock holder, but I’d be concerned that the load is up high and the weight of the lock is a bit far forward. If you have spent some time riding with it, please tell us how it affected the bike’s handling.

  • Alan says:


    It’s a small basket, and being made of alloy it’s fairly light, so unloaded it feels a lot like a standard touring handlebar bag like an Arkel or Ortlieb (for example, the Takeout weighs 500 grams compared to the Arkel Metro at 850 grams). It has much less affect on the steering than my usual full-sized, steel porteur rack with roll-top bag. As is true of any handlebar bag or front rack, as you add more weight, the steering slows down.


  • Alan says:


    To reiterate, the rack has an eyelet to attach a light mount, not the light mount itself. See #4 below:

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Alan,
    Thanks totally missed that one.
    Was looking at the front and could’nt figure out a way where it would fit with the wooden plate and the Lock-holder.

  • Ryan says:

    Awesome looking rack. Seems like it would be perfect for the take-out runs we often make where it’s not really worth attaching a pannier. And your photography, as always, is outstanding. So much so that you’re getting picked up on major websites who think they’re professional product shots.


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  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Ryan!


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