Joshua and Florence Hon, along with a number of other former Dahon executives, have started a new folding bike company called Tern. There are few details on the bikes so far, but at first glance they look very Dahon-like. The brand will launch this summer with 21 models in 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch wheel sizes.


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  • arevee says:

    Has Dahon gone away? I thought it was owned by Hons’. The company seemed to be doing quite well. Seems odd that a Hon would be starting another folding bike company.

  • Alan says:


    Dahon is still going strong. I don’t know what’s behind the split, but Dr. David Hon (the elder Hon) is still managing Dahon China and Dahon North America while Joshua (the son) is starting this new competing company.


  • kanishka azimi (new england!) says:

    one of the new releases says younger hon was frustrated with quality issues in existing plants, and speed with which products were developing new features.

    i wrote a long post, but my internet got disconnected ):. first off, 24, 26 inch, not much point in having a folder then, its really mostly handy for fitting in a small apartment at that point.

    i would be impressed if they perfect the belt drive on a folder, along with bike friday and moulton’s tsr 2. maybe between the products, there will be enough manufacturers experienced with the configuration to make it simple to install, configure, maintain. strida has been way ahead of the game on this, but a little smaller of a bike

    i like the fact that they mention improving luggage systems as a priority. if they can blend the smooth integration of brompton’s bags, along with being compatible with most stnadard panniers, that would be original. there are some configurations that come close, but they don’t integrate well with folders, since they still have large, clumsy, detachable frames that need to be removed when folded.

    if they used a wider variety of gear hubs, more sturmey archer models, more sram models, somethign with an s3x would be really interesting

    i also would really love to see a folder that split simlar to the moulton, but also, folded down a bit after splitting. because i would rather carry 2 11 lb pieces, than one 22 lb piece. the coolest woudl be if one of the pieces folded down and attached to the back of your backpack. and the other piece you carried in one hand.

    dahon has a lot of bikes, but few i really desire, whereas bike friday has fewer bikes, but lots that i desire. i hope they emulate biek friday more

  • Anton says:

    From the tern website: http://www.ternbicycles.com/news/releases/2011/06/tern-bicycles-spreads-its-wings:

    “We did some amazing things at Dahon, including kick-starting the entire folding bike revolution,” stated Hon. “But we’ve wanted to take things even further and in recent years we were running into a variety of issues with the Chinese factory that has registered the Dahon trademark in some countries. After a lot of soul-searching, we all decided that it would be better to start with a fresh clean slate, and after seeing the 2012 product line, we know we made the right decision.”

    There are hints there that they are not happy with licensing. It makes me think twice about looking at Dahon, which is a pity.

  • robert says:

    This sounds like it is going to be a big mess. Josh owns some patents. His dad owns others. Josh owns some trademarks in some countries, his dad owns others. I can see containers of Tern bikes stopped at the port by his father for “patent infringement”. No one in the Hon family is going to win in this family squabble. The Tern bikes are just re-painted Dahon’s with a new brand. The big hinge is a generation old. Hmmmm.

  • Alan says:


    Do we know for a fact that this is a family squabble? I hadn’t heard that specifically.

    According to Thor at ThorUSA, Terns are different enough from Dahons that he’ll be carrying both lines.


  • sygyzy says:

    This sounds like a disaster. I know it’ all heresay right now but no matter how you read it, it doesn’t seem like this was a family decision. It seems like a real split to me. But hey, of the Tern bikes are nice, they’ll sell.

  • robert says:

    The dad went one way and the mom went the other way with a vengeance – sounds like infidelity of some sort to me. There will be a winner though – the lawyers, when both sides sue each other to try to get as much of the patents and trademarks as possible. Actually other folding bike brands will also win – as this is all going to come tumbling down. For the launch they paid for some press to come – so how can that press report objectively about what they saw and specifically about the bikes? They are the same old same old and the hinge and lever is even older.

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  • Thor says:

    listen guys…. dont see it overly dramatic. Florence is seperated since years from David Hon. They live in seperate countries since ages. There is really not all that family drama going on some of you make it out. Surely some legaleze will need to be solved, but nothing overly dramatic.

    There is a difference of opinion about the ride of the bike. Tern is all about the ride. And the durability necessary for daily use. The longevity of crucial parts. The use of the highest quality components from well known suppliers. And and and …
    Sure a 20 inch folding bike looks somewhat the same, no matter what. ( As long as one is not trying to reinvent the wheel, i.e. tries to look vastly different for the sake of it, more than often with questinable results )
    The joints on the Terns are different, oversized, and completely new, made from the same company in Taiwain who builds Syntace stuff ( maybe the biggest quality stickler in the world)
    They are completely replacable with bearings and all….

    I am sure there was and is a difference in opinion about “waisting” good money on parts which have proven themselves to be more than adequate between father and son.
    And also ……I have the privilige to work with my dad ( since 30 years ) but only somebody who worked with his parents every day can tell you, that this is not easy and sometimes it just goes to the point, where you need air to breathe…. Again nothing out of the ordinary.

    Tern is more concerned about the ride and durability, therefore you wont find the smallest fold or the lightest bike in the universe. You find a bike with many large and small innovations from a team which breathes, sleeps, dreams, works…… folding bikes.

    I rode every plattform of the 22 bikes in the program, some around the block some further some longer, all I can say that I am throughouhly impressed by the stiffness and the great solid feel of each and every one. No they might not have the latest belt drive or nuvinci hub or or or…. these are tested but only taken into consideration if really long term parts and durability questions are solved ( around the world )

    yes the 24 are folding bigger than a 20 incher …. ( doooh ) but interestingly enough the footprint is almost the same, meaning the bike will not need more room in the Train/bus/ metro, except its a little higher off the ground. I love the Castro with the automatik Sram 2 speed hub, the welded on carrier. It rides nices and feels very european, great to attach some bag up front and a couple panniers or similar and go shopping.

    I still love my Dahons and will keep selling them, they offer a lot of bike for the bang. But I will also sell Terns when they become available Oct of this year. It will give the consumer more choices and more choices is always good.

  • Ted Johnson says:

    Definitely infidelity.

    The heavy breathing in the video says it all.

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