Tough and Tender

Swift Industries

Swift Industries is hosting a “literary and photographic project to celebrate women’s experience of the bicycle.” From Swift:

WHY: Because women are not celebrated enough in bicycle communities. Cycling is a male dominated activity and industry, and it’s our experience as women and female bodied individuals that cycling empowers and inspires us in ways which are not portrayed by mainstream bicycle culture.

WHO: Women as defined by the individual (female bodied and female identified).

WHAT: Please submit a photograph along with your 500 word literary description of your relationship with bicycles, touring, the bike industry, and your experience of strength as related to the bicycle to info(at) “re: tough and tender”. Kindly include your name, and the town/city/place where you reside.

SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY JULY 30TH 2011. Ten contributors will be randomly selected to receive 15% off of a Swift Industries order. Entries will be published on Cycle Swift in August.

Swift Industries

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