Bicycle Commuter Profile: Jeff

Bicycle Commuter Profile

Name: Jeff
Location: Sacramento Valley, USA
Started bike commuting: 3 short years ago
Commute distance (one way): Varies

Describe your commute: My commutes are somewhat inconsistent throughout the week. I have a unique schedule which is a “non” 9-5PM Mon. thru Fri. schedule. The funny thing is that I chose this lifestyle based around bicycle commuting. I used to sit behind the wheel in traffic, cringe when filling up at the pump, and was missing out on life by driving a car. Between culinary school, community volunteering & work, I can be on the saddle from 2-10 miles a day. Most is suburban and paved trail riding.

Describe your bike and accessories: Currently I have been riding my son’s future bicycle (he’s too young for it). It’s a Bridgestone 450 that was made in Japan. It’s triple butted, has Velo Orange tid bits and is set up as a commuter. Harris Cyclery provided the Nitto upright bars and it has a Brooks B17 saddle. The Kangaroo Baggs (yes,correct spelling) on the rear are attached to a NOS Wald rack.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: I was intimidated by the cost of a “NEW” bike. You can piece together a great bicycle by purchasing one second hand. If you are into aesthetics, you can always upgrade here and there depending on your needs. Basic bicycle maintenance classes are offered in many areas. I have attended several at REI and have met some wonderful experienced riders. Most of all, have fun!

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