Monday Morning Commute: Warming Up


Today was a “shorts in the morning” kind of day. We’ll be seeing more of those for a while.

6 Responses to “Monday Morning Commute: Warming Up”

  • Chris Sorlie says:

    I’m an Optician at Wal-mart. The thought of leaving my $$$ bike outside all day coupled with no showers and four or five months of winter really crimp the commuting scene for me. An electric Brompton would solve two of the three issues. I still need a car for the winter.

  • Pete says:

    I was reminded of your post last year “Tweed Speed” when it was too hot for a helmet one morning last week!

  • Andrew J. Smith says:

    I guess it’s a matter of acclimation; temperatures were in the mid-50s this morning and shorts were a necessity.

  • Jeff says:

    My morning commute started on the American River Trail here in the Sacramento area. It has so many great qualities from the water views, lush scenery, wildlife, and safety enforcements. By 9am some of the pockets along the trail were as warm as a sauna. The entire round trip commute was definitely more exhausting than pleasurable. The heat was definitely intense. The phrase, “No pain, no gain” seemed to repeat itself over and over as the sweat continued to sting my eyes. Only a commuter knows the feeling. Grin.

  • Michael says:

    While I like days like this, it reminds me that we’re not that far from the time where the hills go up in flames, and the smog makes it hard to breathe.

    Just your local stick-in-the-mud comment. :)

  • Derek says:

    I’m with Andrew. If it is in the 50s in the morning and not storming, I am wearing shorts.

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