Bicycle Commuter Profile: Richard Wezensky

Name: Richard Wezensky
Location: North Dallas Suburbs, Texas, USA
Started bike commuting: For Work – Last Year
Commute distance (one way): 13.7

Describe your commute: Most of my commute is suburban neighborhood streets and multi-purpose trails. Unfortunately, as I get closer to my office, I find myself on major arteries with heavy traffic. Some north Texas suburban towns aren’t as bike friendly as others.

Because of my work schedule and time issues, I can’t bike commute every day. My goal is to ride the equivalent in miles of at least one full tank of gas.

Describe your bike and accessories: I own a couple of mountain bike to street conversions. One is geared and the other is a single speed. Both are heavy and slow, but reliable.

I usually travel light with everything I need in a messenger bag.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Since I don’t bike commute every day, I can plan ahead and leave my laptop, files and even a change of clothes at the office.

Planning your routes in advance will help save you any unnecessary detours.

Rush hour traffic is much lighter if you’re not traveling at peak times.

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