Bicycle Commuter Profile: Adam

Bicycle Commuter Profile

Name: Adam
Location: Austin, TX
Started bike commuting: ’05
Commute distance (one way): 3.5

Describe your commute: Ever since I spent one summer with a 35 mile one way commute (by car) in terrible traffic, I’ve made vow not to live more than 5 miles away from where I work. This gives me the option of walking, biking, driving, or taking public transportation.

Austin is a bike friendly city and I’ve got several options that allow me to take advantage of bike lanes and local trails to get to work.

I can utilize the granite trail around Town Lake for part of my commute, being a dog lover it’s always fun riding through one of the dog parks along this trail. Another route I go takes me through downtown Austin mainly in bike lanes, I can stick to the pavement this way if it’s raining.

Describe your bike and accessories: Spot Brand Sprawl, Nitto racks, Laplander panniers, Honjo fenders, Brooks Flyer saddle & Leather ring grips.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Make sure you have the tools and skills to handle basic repairs on your own, if not make sure you’ve got a cell phone and a reliable friend to come rescue you.

Carrying a load on your bike vs. carrying the load on your back can make a huge difference on the quality of commuting.

Change up your route to keep things interesting.

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