Casey Neistat: Not in the Bike Lane

Hilarious. Gotta’ love the Neistat Brothers.

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  • dominic furfaro says:

    Casey makes his point visually with some awesome bike crashes. Is he some sort of stunt man? Personally, yesterday I pondered if this was illegal while I took the right lane on a one way street where the bike lane is on the left side. As far as I know there is no ordinace or rule of the road in the United States that says bicyclist have to use the bike lane when traffic lanes are available.

  • Steve says:

    I hate double standards. I want to shake this man’s hand for taking one for the team.

  • Alan says:

    More on the Neistat Brothers:

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    So, so awesome. This man deserves an award.

  • Jonathan says:

    Did I hear the police man saying “You were going the wrong way” at the beginning of the video clip? You need to listen closely, because the sound bite is partially cut off. If so, the story does change a bit.

  • Thor says:

    hillarious… and well done.
    I have only one small complaint. If you refuse to use the bike lanes …. there will be no more bike lanes at all … People in charge to allocate funds for bikelanes usually do not have a lot of humor. WHen these people see this flick, they will say …:
    See… whats what I am talikn bout, we dont need no stinkin bike lanes …

    who lives in the deep Midwest and havent seen a bike lane for the last 10 years ….
    ( even if some idiot parks on it every 2 Miles …. )

  • Rafael says:

    I was involved in a crash on the bike lane last Sunday. The City of Daly City had done some trenching work adjacent and into the Class I bike path and had temporarily patch the holes with asphalt pavement making it look safe to ride on the path. One of the patches was along a curve alignment next to a storm drain (low point). To my horror, I didn’t see the sink hole that had opened up come Sunday morning. I injured my back, left arm; my clothes were torn and my bike suffered some damage. Luckily I survived the fall while going 10-15MPH, and it helped riding my recumbent cycle that morning.

  • John Ferguson says:

    I almost spit tea on my keyboard.. Thanks Alan, and thanks Casey for taking a few for the team. One way or another, he’ll get his 50 bucks back..

  • jeff stewart says:

    That’s funny right there I don’t care who ya are!

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