Bicycle Commuter Profile: Joe Adams

Name: Joe Adams
Location: Hanover, Pa
Started bike commuting: 4yrs ago
Commute distance (one way): Depends, 1 to 25 miles depending on day

Describe your commute: Working for myself, I have to visit customers all over York and Adams countys in south central PA, sometimes carrying heavy loads. Mostly this area is rolling hills in agriculture rich land, horse farms, and forests. My bike is also my sole mode of transportation, so much of my riding is city streets and redidenetial suburban neighborhoods.

Describe your bike and accessories: Frame: Surly Cross Check (gravy) with LHT fork (had a boss break, and after a warranty call, the LHT fork showed up at the LBS. As the old CxC fork did not have mid-leg eyelets, I decided to keep it, just never got around to getting it painted to match).

Parts: mix of new and vintage, some Shimano 600 mixed with Avid SD7 brakes, no name riser bars, no name levers, Cardiff Cornwall leather saddle. SS drivetrain 47×15 gets me around these hills here fine with all but the heaviest loads. Gearing changes when load is gonna be really heavy or while touring. Wheels are 600 hubs laced to Arya rims, Kenda Kwicker tires. The cross tires do well on the rough city streets and many gravel or oil and chip roads I always seem to end up on.

Racks and bags: rear rack Soma Deco, front Sun Line Mini. Axiom Seymore panniers and a homemade front wicker basket. Does fine on all but the biggest market and store runs.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Take the lane, take the long way, and take the time to enjoy your ride.

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