Bicycle Commuter Profile: Erich

Bicycle Commuter Profile

Name: Erich
Location: Cary, NC, USA
Started bike commuting: 1990
Commute distance (one way): Currently 20+ miles

Describe your commute: Currently, Cary, NC >< Durham, NC. Year-round, M-F. Part-time (half-assed) roadie-racer-boy wannabe turned dedicated cyclocommuter. Since 2009 I have taken full advantage of the American Tobacco Trail (ATT) for about 1/3 of my commute.

Describe your bike and accessories:

  • Frame: SS cyclocross (Motobecane Fantom UNO)
  • Gearing: FG 48×16 (48×17 winter) SA S3X hub (99% in direct drive), rigged with suicide shifter on right seat stay
  • Lighting: LightOn! Dynolight front and rear (SRAM i-Light D7 dynohub) with additional Blackburn Fleas (mounting: front/bar, rear/pannier)
  • Brake (front): Paul neo-retro canti
  • Rims: DeepVs
  • Tires: Michelin Trackers 700×35
  • Planet Bike Fenders
  • TimBuk2 panniers
  • Performance SPD pedals (w/Keen commuter sandals, year round)
  • Incredibell bike bell (for the ATT)
  • PD Airwing cowhorn bar (cut)
  • Selle San Marcos ASPII saddle

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: My top bits include–echoing what many others have said here already: be aware (head up!–learned that lesson the hard way), be predictable, be visible, and aim to be smooth with every bike/body movement. Listen to and learn the sound of approaching tires, from the rear and the front (no ear buds, duh). Maintain proper air pressure in the tires.

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