Bicycle Commuter Profile: Tim Early

Name: Tim Early
Location: Havertown
Started bike commuting: 8 years ago
Commute distance (one way): 1-7 miles

Describe your commute: Living here close to the “main line” allows me to use my bike for commutes and general errands. I work in several locations (I’m a dance instructor) so regular commutes are not an option. But when I can I try to be car free as much as I can. I enjoy biking in my area, no designated bike lanes but there are many side roads and neighborhoods that I can vary the ride to suit my needs.

Describe your bike and accessories: My two primary commuter bikes are my Salsa Casseroll with Nitto racks and a triple crank and my new Rawland Drakkar (love it!) with a compact double. Both do the job perfectly but the Drakkar with larger tires give me the “off the beaten path” option. A Priceton Tec Push headlight and Knog Bullfrog rear. Since they are easily removable I can move them from bike to bike. I don’t carry much gear so usually a backpack or small bag on the rear rack will do. I love my Patagonia Torrentshell jacket for wind and light rain.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: I base my rides on weather, time and how I am feeling. I don’t want to worry about should I or shouldn’t I so I guess my best advice is don’t stress. Enjoy your ride whether to the post office or a 25 mile commute. First and foremost I do it because I love it. With two kids and a crazy schedule sometimes those are the only chances I get to ride. One last thing, try to leave a little early or take a different route. Let the drivers simmer in traffic while you casually ride by.

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