PDW: Come Ride With Us

PDW: Come Ride With Us from PDW on Vimeo.

Portland Design Works

12 Responses to “PDW: Come Ride With Us”

  • Don says:

    Let the deconstruction commence!

  • Pete says:

    Oh Man. I waited 10 months for them to get that rack into production after seeing it at Interbike and finally just gave up on them. Ordered a CETMA instead… now I’m waiting for Lane to get back from vacation so I can finally get THAT one!
    I’ve had it with flaky Oregonians!! ;-)
    Just kidding, of course. I’ll probably get one of these for my wife’s bike….!

  • Geoffrey Yuen says:

    I have a set of their Dapper Dan leather ergo grips. Nice grips. Very well made and they look great.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Works just as well (if not better) as a bike advocacy video than a sales pitch. Also has good value for tourism. Beautiful people on beautiful bikes through beautiful scenery.

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  • Andre says:

    Love it!
    My favorite part?
    No G%d D@&$n helmets!

  • Pirate Velo says:

    Drinking beer and riding bikes. Two of my favorite things. But I am smart enough to put a helmet on my mellon.

  • Kirk says:

    Awesome video…my only complaint, drinking Pacifico in Portland?????

  • Adam W says:

    Cool video, but it’s just offensive to see a Portlandite drinking crappy beer. The rest of the US will take some of those fine local breweries off your hands if you don’t want them!

  • Skip says:

    No helmets on urban streets followed by drinking beer… While a nice video production, not great role modeling.

  • Gene says:

    Wow, I really thought this was a local city campaign for cycling. Well done.

  • Andy says:

    Great video. And same as my bike, the Swobo Baxter. It’s a great bike ride! I almost got that rear rack but was worried it wouldn’t fit w the disc brakes. Now I know it does :)

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