Bicycle Commuter Profile: Paul Nelson

Name: Paul Nelson
Location: Minneapolis, MN (USA)
Started bike commuting: May 2010
Commute distance (one way): 7.66 miles

Describe your commute: Mpls is a bike-friendly city. I’m on bike lanes & paths virtually the entire way along the Mississippi River from my home in North Mpls, through downtown, and continuing to my work location in South Mpls. If not biking, I’m busing. Biking saves me approximately 20-25 mins per trip, which may sound surprising to some (pleasantly).

Describe your bike and accessories: Rugged urban commuter 2009 24-spd (3×8) Kona Smoke. It’s a 22″ frame with mountain geometry, and I still have the seat jacked up with a slight drop to accommodate my 6′ 5″ build. The 47c Conti City Contacts are the feature — HIGHLY durable yet keep me rolling along at 19-21 mph if I keep them around 50-55 psi.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Obsess about morning weather conditions and dress accordingly. If your ride is short enough to not require a full change of clothes upon arrival, proper temperature regulation will determine just how sweaty you’ll eventually be. Feeling slightly chilly when I start is a must for me at my commuting distance. Your return home trip will hopefully be much less pressed for time…as well as much more forgivable if you show up with some sweat.

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