This Crazy Weather

Crazy Weather
June 2, 2011

Like in many parts of the country, we’ve had some crazy weather in Northern California this spring. Unlike some places, where severe weather has displaced people and even taken lives, ours has only been an inconvenience and frequent topic of conversation around the water cooler at the office.

Normal weather for June in our area is dry, with average daytime highs of 87F. This past week, we had torrential rain, lightning strikes, 3/4 inch hail, funnel clouds, and even a small tornado. They’re forecasting rain all weekend and more thunderstorms on Monday. Our local Tweed Ride was rescheduled from June 5th to June 26th; who would’ve thought a June bike ride in California would be rescheduled due to wet weather?

How are things where you’re at? Have you experienced strange weather this spring? Has the weather affected your normal riding patterns for this time of year?

20 Responses to “This Crazy Weather”

  • Jan Zonjee says:

    The spring in the Netherlands has broken records for draught (49 mm versus 172 on average), average temperature (higher than normal) and sunshine (713 versus 517 on average) ( in Dutch).

    Nice for biking but crops don’t do well, barges have trouble navigating the big rivers (can take less cargo) etcetera. Winter was the third cold one in a row with undutch amounts of snow. Climate change a fairy tale? I don’t think so.

  • Mike I. says:

    The weather here in socal has been terribly windy, with wind gust up to 50mph. As luck would have it, no matter where I go I am always riding against the wind. I am amusingly callinging “wind tunnel testing”.

  • Jon Benn says:

    Here in upstate New York, we have had big swings in the weather. Wednesday’s ride was in the mid 90’s. Thursday’s club ride had riders trying to decide between arm warmers, tights, and jackets. Temp at the end of the ride was in the low 50’s.

  • Bob Baxter says:

    Where I’m at, in northeast Arkansas, we have been dodging bullets this spring —between flooding and tornadoes. Some of our neighbors have not been so lucky. Things have settled down now to our usual summertime heat and humidity…..sigh.

  • Micheal Blue says:

    Here in Toronto we’ve had cooler and wetter spring than usual, except for this week when the temp reached even 30 C (86 F). High winds? Checked. Rain – sun – rain – sun – rain during a single day? Checked. Thunderstorms? Checked. 25 degrees C in the morning down to 11 degrees in the evening? Checked. All this really hasn’t changed my bike commuting. One afternoon ride from work was especially memorable: before I left work it was cloudy with some sun. As soon as I left work it started raining gently. When I reached downtown a huge downpour came accompanied by very high winds; it was like standing under Niagara Falls, except the water was coming sideways.
    That lasted maybe eight minutes. After that it was back to gentle rain. The funny thing about waterproof shoes/boots: they are waterproof not only from the outside in, but also from the inside out. Want to have private pools when biking? Wear waterproof shoes when it’s raining heavily.

  • Doug P says:

    You know it’s REALLY weird when LA is colder than London!

  • voyage says:

    Chopping Heinlein’s famous down to this, “…weather is what you get.”

    Cyclists can deal with weather, right?

  • jim says:

    Here in western NY we have broken all rainfall records for April and May. Now I have an inkling what life is like for riders in Oregon and Washington.

  • Laurent says:

    Here in typically rainy Brittany, we’ve pretty much have had blue skies for the last three months. As was noted before it’s great for cycling and commuting, but isn’t good for agriculture.

    Mountain bike singletracks are dusty and hardbaked.

  • Doug R says:

    I feel like I’m living in a different country from what I see and hear on the news in the U.S. Our weather has been normal. Normal high and low temps. In the 30’s to the 60’s. We don’t typically see temps in the 70’s on a regular basis until mid to late June living next to Lake Superior. I love it. I don’t handle the heat well.

    No flooding, no tornadoes. Only high winds off the lake and wide temperature swings every time the wind switches direction. All very normal for us in Duluth, MN.

  • Bill Russell says:

    Here in New Zealand we are headding into winter, but we have had much warmer weather than normal. Our climate is Maritime, being surrounded by ocean and water temperatures are notable warmer and this has lead to the warmest May on record – nearly 2.5 celcius (4F) above average. A tornado in Auckland killed one person and damaged buildings – we don’t get tornados normally.
    The Ski season would normally have started by now but there is no snow and all the ski resorts remain closed. It’s even too warm to manufacture snow.
    Our sympathies go out to those affected by the tornadoes and floods in the US.

  • Steve Butcher says:

    In southwest Missouri we have had a very wet spring with a lot of wind. I live about 2 hours northeast of Joplin which, as most know, was struck by an EF5 tornado almost 2 weeks ago. I was in Joplin one week before the tornado. I struck up a conversation with a young man working at a Starbucks. He noted I was wearing a t-shirt from a bike shop in nearby Springfield. I recall he told me he was a BMX rider but was wanting to build up a fixie for a commuter bike. I wonder about him and if he made it through the storm. Please remember the residents of Joplin and, also, the multitude of workers who are giving of their time and resources to help Joplin recover.

  • Alan says:

    “Please remember the residents of Joplin and, also, the multitude of workers who are giving of their time and resources to help Joplin recover.”

    Most definitely, Steve. Thank you.


  • Jeff says:

    Mean while in Oregon it was beautiful today. I don’t feel guilty for enjoying it , but just a little bit saddle sore.

  • Jed says:

    Tweed ride in June? Cali is full of funny stuff — like Ren Faires in August. Great photo :-) B+W great choice.

  • Walter Enomoto says:

    Aloha Alan,

    You want to know what is REALLY weird? As of this morning, the Big Island of Hawaii had SNOW on top of Mount Kilauea (13,795ft elevation) in JUNE?

    Check this link out:

    PS: Awesome pic, did you use a bit of HDR?

  • Alan says:

    Hi Walter,

    That is incredible. Thanks for the link.

    Re the photo – yes, it’s a composite of three bracketed exposures. Glad you like it!


  • Alan says:


    It was actually billed as a “Seersucker Ride”, but tweed would have been appropriate given the unseasonal weather.


  • Jed says:


    Seersucker ride is prolly much more appropriate, light cotton would wear much better than wool. I used to do RenFair in so cal and nor cal and costumes with wool were not comfortable. Now that I’m used to London’s lattitude (in Bellingham, WA), last year even April was too warm and sunny for a proper tweed outfit plus a sweater vest…plus and Xtracycle with my son on the back.

  • anniebikes says:

    Suffice it to say that we’ve had record snow this past winter which translated to record rain this April, then record Lake Champlain Water levels and extreme flooding here in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. I wanted to tour around the northern part of the lake this spring but the campgrounds are under water. Check out my blog and search for “Flooding” for photos of our etxreme RECORD setting weather.

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