Bicycle Commuter Profile: Nick

Name: Nick
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Started bike commuting: When I moved to Sydney, about 6 years ago.
Commute distance (one way): About 10 ks each way

Describe your commute: Combination of cycle paths and back streets. Not too much spectacular scenery but riding over the Anzac bridge is nice. There is a bit of up and down involved but nothing too bad. The city is spending a lot of money putting in cycle paths to try and encourage cycling as an alternative to driving or public transport. I live about 5 ks from the city as the crow flies and is much quicker riding than catching the bus so it makes sense to me.

Describe your bike and accessories: Currently using a stock standard Wilier Lavardo, (entry level road bike) but am in the market for a more comfortable commuter. I am looking at the Trek Belleville (which is how I found this site) but am open to other suggestions…

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Share the road and don’t argue with cars. And commit to riding rain, hail or shine.

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