J. Livingston Bikes

Love it.

J. Livingston at Bend Velo

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  • Don says:

    That is the best critique of the bike industry yet. Exactly what people want.

  • alan g says:

    Hope he does real well, not just for his sake, but for bike riders as well. To much to hope for that he’ll put a lot of ‘push em out the door’ shops out of business!

  • Todd says:

    I’ve been commuting on my J. Livingston for a couple months now and love it! Having been a rider and commuter for sometime, it’s the first truly comfortable bike I’ve owned. I look forward to riding it each day. It’s great living in a community where there’s a bike shop that specializes in catering to people who want to ride a bike for practical means.

  • patrick says:

    Great business model. The design is pretty good, with the one consistent visual cue (on the frame at least) as the classic looking decal. I love the choice of customers for the video, transitional commuters instead of dyed in the wool types. And the prices seem pretty reasonable.
    Obviously labor heavy, I wonder if there’s enough profit to cover all the shop hours (as well as powder coat). In the time it takes to tear down and sandblast a bike, you could build 3 box bikes. Admiration, is what I have, and luck is what they’ll need.
    All in all, a smart way to recycle bikes.

  • Nico Forte says:

    I think this is awesome. I’ve come across the idea of ‘repurposing’ before but never in the bike world. This bike shop isn’t just selling bikes, they’re creating a memorial experiences for customers that goes way beyond a simple purchase transaction.

    By having customers involved the creation of THEIR bicycle, I think users develop more of an attachment towards the final product. And, I think more apt to appreciate and use their bicycle.

    Similar in many ways to “Build a Bear Workship” which has been successful in creating an experience around building a teddy bear. J. Livingston takes it one step further though by adding or making use of older frames that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

  • eg says:

    EP is a beast! Nice to see he is getting some love on the interwebs

  • kristin says:

    omg! i went to his store right when it opened and it was TINY – glad to see him doing so well! unfortunately i never got my JL bike. will have to go back to bend.

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