Gallery: Daniel’s Dad’s Co-Motion Americano

Daniel's Dad's Americano

Daniel over at Pushing the Pedals sent me this photo of the Co-Motion Americano he built for his Dad. Specs as follows:

  • Frame and Fork: Co-Motion Americano Rohloff dual disc w/belt opening and silver headbadge in tan
  • Drivetrain: Rohloff Speedhub disc w/Gates carbon drive
  • Brakes: Avid BB7 Mechanical disc
  • Wheels: Rohloff/DT disc rear, Schmidt Sondelux/DT disc front with Schmidt Edelux headlight
  • Deore crankset
  • Brooks B17 champion special saddle
  • Ergon GC3 Rohloff grips
  • Tubus Logo rack
  • Schwalbe Marathon Extreme 700x37c

More at Pushing the Pedals

12 Responses to “Gallery: Daniel’s Dad’s Co-Motion Americano”

  • Dave says:

    Pretty much my perfect commuter, except for the price.

  • Alan says:


    Agreed; it’s a beauty. You need at least 4-5 NYC U-locks to lock it up though… :-)

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Wow, that’s quite a build. Only thing I would add would be a matching taillight and some pretty fenders.

  • Marshall says:

    Great to see an Americano WITHOUT that garish American flag paint job. Pretty bike.

  • doug in seattle says:

    What better argument for having children? I should convince my dad to give me $5000 to build him a bike. That would be fun. I think he reads this blog, too.

  • Andrew Leinonen says:

    Wow. That’s about as deluxe as commuter bikes possibly get.

  • Steve Butcher says:

    Oh my goodness; this has got to be just about the ultimate commuter bike in my way of thinking. What a great early father’s day present!

  • Brett says:

    Straight/MTB bars? C’mon, people…

  • Mark says:

    Daniel my son built up this bike for me. I call it my “forever bike”. Hopefully the last bike I buy. It rides really well and is very quiet. Daniel did a great job on it and actually built up the wheels from scratch. I’m very proud of him and of his creati

  • Garth says:

    My 2 year old son looked at this picture and said, “race car driver!” Must have been the red motorcycle in the background. Then he said “bicycle driver,” so I guess he liked the bike too.


  • kanishka azimi (new england!) says:

    wow. probably 98% of my perfect (non-folding) commuter/tourer

  • Daniel says:

    I’m glad people here like my dad’s bike, it was a really fun project. The bike now has fenders and a computer I believe. I hope it gets ridden a lot an enjoyed as much as a bike like this deserves! Thanks to Alan for posting here.

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