Streetfilms: The World’s Largest Bike-Share

Hangzhou New Music from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Streetfilms: The World’s Largest Bike-Share”

  • TS Wu says:

    The irony’s practically unbearable. For over 2 generations, people in China just got around by bikes, city buses, and slow trains. I remember my first visit there in 1986 it was all bikes, often on dusty hardpack gravel roads more often than not. You’d see buses, government vehicles, and the occasional tractor slowly and noisily carrying a farmer on the central main lanes, flanked by treelined bike lanes. And a sea of black bikes either parked or being ridden.

    And slowly cars took over, and even city centers became bike-free to make way for the new motor vehicles.

    Is this a return to older ways? Or simply the evolution of mass transit for that last mile?

  • dominic furfaro says:

    Hey, great view into China today. What I noticed in the film is the happiness of each person interviewed. I gathered from the translation that people have choices when it comes to transportation opportunity. Funny how different from US where we have so much and people feel locked into automobile hassles. Bike riding has a historical place in China, we don’t. God help us that we hear the call.

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