Bicycle Commuter Profile: RDHD

Name: RDHD
Location: Washington D.C.
Started bike commuting: 20 years ago
Commute distance (one way): about 7

Describe your commute: To work: downhill almost the entire way. Home: uphill almost the entire way. So sometimes, I take my bike on the Metro to go home. I ride down the National Mall on my way, which is simply beautiful. Also, I ride for fun; if it’s raining I take transit. If I have afterwork plans that will get me home late or require me to be dressed nicely, I take transit.

Describe your bike and accessories: 2009 Trek FX7.6 I think. It’s off the rack. I put a rack and some panniers on it. I use high-lumen flashlights as lights.

What bit of advice would you like to share with new bike commuters?: Take it easy and do what you are comfortable with and what you like. We have this like 30-year bike commute veteran and he hassles me every time I don’t ride. Don’t let guys like this cow you into not enjoying your ride. Ride when you want to ride. Enjoy yourself.

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